… and we are hiding behind walls
meters and meters high above the common sense.

… and them are made by bricks
compound with circumstantial facts.

… and who cares about it
at least there is an excuse to justify our fears.

…and at the begging of our life religion,
motherland, and culture are simply random dices.

… but at the end is our decision
if we are just another brick on the wall.


December 9, 2011

There was once upon a time
when I used to believe
that the world was betting
in the wrong horse…

There was one upon a time
when I used to feel
that the success of my plans
where waiting me in the next corner…

There was one upon a time
when I used to think
that everyone around me
had a vision to short of the world…

There is now the time
when I realized
that trough the hole way
I was the eyes closed…

The unique thing I really hope is that my bet was a mess because of the rider, and not because of the horse…

December 7, 2011

I’m at the edge of the birth and the death of the day

in the way of a colateral sun awaking sun that is going to sleep

Inside of  all those dreaming mornings, and restless nights

I know that I will find my destiny…

December 7, 2011

How can the new smiles erase the old tears marks
and the wind erase new footprints?

Where will the old leaves reincarnate
and the new feelings are aged?

Who said that the new memories couldn’t be dusted off
and the old scars be rewrote?

When we start to become au courant
of the why and whats in the backyard of our mind?

The circular maze.

November 30, 2011

Each morning when I wake up
I feel like I’m trapped again
In the same deep web.

The feeling has become common.
Like an old memorie
that don’t want to be forget.

And when I open my eyes,
I feel like I’m trapped again
In the same scene of an infinite play.

Like a repetitive monologue
that I see again and again
wired in the abism of my head.

Predictable and opressive
the life itself has become…

An afternoon in late November

November 14, 2011

The snowflakes are dancing slowly with the wind
pristine and clear as stars in a new sky.

The horizon is undressed of autumn colors
painted with marble and sinless whites.

Untlited #1

October 9, 2011

Walking under the shadow of leaves.
going against reason and feelings.
There where I have felt in the way,
I knelt to praise the holes of the road
begging for answers for my pain.

I asked to the scars over the flesh
what is happiness?
they told me that maybe
the answer to my affliction
sleep under the bruises
made by naiveness.
I forgot the moment
when everything imploded.
All the small memories.
fragments of myself
are buried deeply
in the flesh
wounding my faith.

Now how can we do
to understand
what happened
when we are victims
of delusional grenades?

The Tenses of Time

May 14, 2011

Here in this white stage setting

Surrounded by déjà vus

with a clock without hands

We’re lost in the forget

Here the stars explodes

Giving to born the hours

Simple and static as my soul

Like fugitive letters in a unopened letter

Here we are guilty victims that can’t overcome

This Stockholm syndrome

Controlled by our own lies

Fools by our own desires

Here is where with the quicksand of imagination

I realized for first time

That past and future

Are the same mirror where phantoms lives

If you ask me what place is here?

I will tell you that is the place

Where we count all the seconds, the minutes, the hours and the days

Trying to escape of all the things that one has lived.

“And we find excuses for don’t live sheltering our chimerical fears”

Be with the hope in the hands asphyxiating the lies.

After the death of false faith, the existence end,

And with the stop of a clock the live beggings

Where the reality doesn’t exist with the direction of time


Follow the path where life born from the falls,

Don’t remember the believe summoned of myths

The soul exposes fears without lies of dreams

When the shadows of the sun show it scars


The falsehood is cover with mask of trust

dressed with illusions hiding the sadness ruins.

Follow now the footprints of reality

Before the chaotic vision erase them


Where the secrets shows guiltiness

Where the warm tears born from the confusion

There is where you will find the reality

Tell me what is your real reason to stand?


Some makes the why a ritual case

words and phrase born in a human wait.

The soul continue in it unfinished sketch

trying to find the true mean of “I”


Tomorrow is a far begging

and lonely days blow the yesterdays,

the lost time rush in your blood again.

Taking all your pulse and exploding your veins


What you do if you can’t awake from a dream?

the deeps memories taste the bright sounds

of rising sings of live in a death mind

while putrid fait eat you alive


The years fall like light leaves

with the dance of the rainy wind

undressing the true of the tree of life

Tell me there are you in your insane desire?