Burning hands strokes over the fragile skin
while thunders born from sparking lips,
our desire rush in the veins
we are intoxicated by the lethal flames

Our bones crush with the flavour of our lips
with lighting fingers that stop the breath,
the flesh melt way undressing the sins again
let me inflame you with my dreams

Our body talk, veil by the deep flare,
the sweet words destroy the fears
with such lustless touches

Where one time the frozen past leaved dreads
now there orchids are sow,
do you hear the furious volcanoes explode in us?

Jolting touches melt our heart in one,
let me ignite you with my love,
let both together have a new rush-


Pills for dream sick

September 16, 2010

whiter than light are the mental photos
where the soul confuse meet a flame
there is when some spirits melt their flesh
while the dreams only reveal a big pain

Be tormented in the paradise town
The man that is a beautifully mess
Thinking in living in all the wrong places
because dreams aren’t the same than visions

Caught in the waking nightmares
in each every single morning
he fail the pain of the dream livers

But he can’t wake up again
matter he don’t feel fear
in the streets of never fain